Resilience Fund

The Resilience Fund is a response designed to combat the economic impact COVID-19 has on the locally-based economy of Appalachian Ohio and the Mid-Ohio Valley of West Virginia.

The fund will provide quick access to small grants that can be used to support the general operations of your small business. Applying for the Resilience Fund can also provide you with a connection to technical assistance and further information about additional grants, loans, and/or investment capital.

The application deadline is March 26th, 2021 by 5pm. Awards are based on available funding and the potential impact of recipient sustainability. Grant awards will be $3,000 for applicants that are selected.

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Who can apply?

Businesses with at least one employee (yourself included), social enterprises, and revenue-generating non-profits in the Appalachian Counties of Ohio and additionally Wood, Wirt, Calhoun, Gilmer, and Roane counties in West Virginia may apply.


​The role of these funds is to fill a gap in resources for small businesses due to economic challenges. If you have questions about eligibility or are not eligible but still need support, please feel free to reach out and our team will do our best to direct you to aid.

How can funds be used?


Grants will be made to businesses whose stability has been disrupted by the current economic challenges. These funds can be used for business inventory, rent, and utilities, securing the employment of staff, or other costs that are preventing the sustainability of your operation. Clearly specify your needs on the application since applying to the fund does not guarantee an award. Applications will be assessed by need, the stability of your enterprise before the crisis, and your ability to sustain your business with the award. Each application will be reviewed by a committee of stakeholders.



Contact Us

If you have a question about the Resilience Fund or a question about applying, please see our FAQ page or reach out to us at:



Ellie Dudding 

(740) 590-7661


The following organizations are working in partnership to provide rapid-response grants through the Resilience Fund:

Supporting Organizations

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